Stretch your mind

It’s one thing to be surrounded by opportunities. It’s a very different
thing to be able to tap into those opportunities, one-on-one. As an
HPU student, you’ll connect, one-on-one, to the people, programs,
and opportunities you need to succeed.

Our student-faculty ratio of 15-1 (and class sizes of less than 20
students) allows you serious face time and mentoring from professors
who include Fortune 500 executives, successful entrepreneurs and
world-renowned scientists, among others. Our innovative majors
come designed to ensure you take advantage of every benefit offered
by our globally strategic location. Our Honors Program allows you
to work and learn alongside peers as academically talented as you
are, so you learn at the pace that suits you best. Special programs
such as our Graduate Program in Global Leadership/Sustainability or our undergraduate Dual Degree (3-2 Engineering) Program
ensure you get started on your dream of graduate school even as
an undergraduate student.