Discover how to roll up your academic sleeves

Ready to get your hands dirty and your feet wet? HPU may be a
perfect fit. Because we believe big ideas are of little use unless
they can express themselves in the real world.

It’s why our professors teach as much from their own experiences
as they do from textbooks. It’s why our students study sea turtles
or whales aboard our Oceanic Institute’s 42-foot research vessel.
And regularly interact with business leaders within multinationals
located steps away from our downtown campus. And find internships
(nearly 250 in a recent year,) across the globe, from the offices of a
U.S. Senator in Washington, D.C., to Tanzania and Zanzibar to explore coastal ecology. Because, like you, they believe a great college
education should be an amazing, hands-on adventure. And that’s
simply how learning happens best.