Expand your professional horizons

Few universities can match HPU’s ability to transform college into an extraordinary adventure. But fewer, still, can claim to better prepare you for cutting-edge global careers afterwards! Almost 50 percent of our graduates find jobs even before they graduate, and recent HPU employers include globally renowned companies such as Apple, AT&T, IBM and Microsoft in the tech sector; Stanford Medical Hospital and the Queen’s Medical Center in health services; the FBI, CIA, United Nations or the Peace Corp in public service and government; and the Bank of America, J.P. Morgan or Merrill-Lynch in business and finance. Oh, and if you’re an international student, you’re eligible to apply for a permit to work anywhere in the U.S. for up to a year after you graduate.

Dream of admission to a highly competitive professional or graduate program? Prestigious universities who have recently accepted HPU graduates include Columbia; Cornell; Duke; Harvard; MIT; Oxford; Stanford; Yale; London School of Economics and Political Science; University College Dublin, Ireland; and University of Sydney, Australia; among others. So how far can your extraordinary HPU adventure take you? Hey, just how far are you ready to go?