Know your professors

If you’re looking for an anonymous “I’ll just hide at the back” college
experience, HPU’s not for you. As mentors, teachers, collaborators,
guides, fellow-travelers or friends you can depend on for the rest of
your life, our global faculty of more than 600 will play a big role in
shaping your individual HPU adventure. You’ll benefit from their
rich, diverse experiences, academic interests and professional
backgrounds. But what you’ll probably enjoy most is the passion
they share for teaching; it’s one reason why you’ll rarely find
teaching assistants leading your classes at HPU.

Don’t tell us you’ve never wondered what it’s like to be taught by
a Fulbright Scholar? To work on groundbreaking research
alongside a globally acclaimed scientist? Talk business strategy
with the founder of a successful start-up? Job-shadow a seasoned
political advisor
who helps shape the foreign policy of entire
nations? Explore your passion for the arts with a world-renowned
? So what are you waiting for?