Leap with both feet

Maybe it has to do with the students who choose to call HPU home—
their open minds, global spirit, and thirst for adventure. Perhaps it’s
just Hawai‘i’s famously welcoming Aloha spirit. Whatever it is,
you’ll quickly discover this is no place for couch potatoes.

Settled in? You’ll find yourself surrounded by a highly engaged,
truly international community that’s not only eager to get to
know you but in a hurry to get you involved.

How? By persuading you to plunge into the diverse student clubs,
activities and the arts scene on campus. Convincing you to join in with
them to cheer on our 14 NCAA Division II athletic teams or in striking
up some friendly intramural rivalries. Accompanying you as you
explore Fort Street Mall, off campus, and its unique blend of special
events, live music and local artists. Or on truly amazing outdoor
adventures farther out—from world-renowned surfing competitions
on the North Shore, to whale watching at the Pali lookout, to the
hiking trails and spectacular waterfalls of Diamond Head.