Live the adventure

Forget everything you’ve always imagined life on campus to be.
Now picture yourself living together with roommates who come
from halfway across the world. Experiencing classrooms where
10 different languages swirl around you. Learning from professors
who have taught and worked in countless different countries.
Trying new cuisines from around the globe right here on campus.
Welcome to everyday life at HPU, and get ready to experience a
multicultural celebration like no other. In fact, we actually dedicate
a whole day to celebrate our international community through a
festival of food, student-led dancing and performances, and cultural
shows from many of the countries represented on campus.

It’s a global adventure that will define every aspect of your life at
HPU, whether you choose to live off campus; in the new, urban
waterfront facility
we plan to create by Aloha Tower overlooking
the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by the excitement of downtown
Honolulu and within walking distance of our downtown campus; or
in our more traditional residential halls at the stunning Hawaii-Loa
easily accessible from downtown through a free shuttle.