Hear from current students

HPU’s globetrotting, culture craving, adventure seeking students
come from all 50 states and more than 80+ countries forming one
of America’s most internationally diverse, global communities.
In fact, what we seek, as a university, is to maintain a student profile
that is one-third from the mainland U.S., one-third from Hawai‘i
and one-third from across the globe. Which is what makes HPU
an international community where you can prepare for a global
career and life in truly unique and extraordinary ways.

So just what attracts students from around the world to HPU?
What are some of the most memorable experiences they find
here? For some, it’s simply about the international diversity of
our campus. For others, it’s about learning to do business with
colleagues from across the world; studying history in Seville,
Spain; learning a new language in South Korea; or traveling to
South Africa to work on a global documentary. But don’t just
take our word for it. Check out their HPU adventures yourself!